Wendell Kimbrough is one of the best young hymnists in the Church today. His music is written for the local church to be sung by the local church. I’m certain churches will be singing his hymns for years to come.
— Elliot Grudem, Founder of Leaders Collective & Pastor at Vintage Church in Raleigh, NC


Wendell Kimbrough is a songwriter and worship leader in southern Alabama who believes church music should simply be good music that forms us as we sing it together. Drawing on the sounds of  American folk and soul music, Wendell writes scripturally-rich songs  with singable, memorable melodies. His music has been embraced by a growing number of churches, young and old, large groups and  small, contemporary praise bands and traditional choirs.

There is nothing better than experiencing intimacy with God in the midst of a room where your friends and family are gathered together, experiencing a similar thing. This is why I lead worship; this is why I write songs.
— WK

As a child growing up in rural Southern towns, Wendell Kimbrough often noticed how uncomfortable his fellow churchgoers could be while singing a hymn. Yet every now and then, everything lined up just right. Even with simple instrumentation and a humble congregation, a hymn could soar to life beautifully. At home he listened to Simon and Garfunkel and James Taylor, Randy Newman and Motown and asked himself, “Why can’t church music sound more like the music I love?

Today, Wendell is a songwriter whose music answers that question.

With over a decade of leading worship and writing music in a variety of settings, Wendell currently serves an artist-in-residence at a small church in Alabama. His dual role as worship leader and songwriter allows him to experiment and create music that helps his congregation live out the story of Scripture.

Wendell believes church music should simply be good music that forms us as we sing it together. Drawing on the styles of American folk and gospel, Wendell weaves together the truth of God, emotionally honest lyrics, and singable melodies. The songs are designed to come to life anywhere the people of God gather to sing together—heartily embraced by young and old, large groups and small, praise bands and choirs.

His newest album, Psalms We Sing Together, provides a collection of congregational songs that invite a powerful encounter with the psalms. The album emerged from a liturgical practice at his church in Alabama. Each week, Wendell creates a refrain for the congregation to sing in a form of call-and-response during the weekly psalm reading. This regular discipline of meditation—for the congregation and for Wendell himself—yielded an immense collection of music, emerging from a single congregation pressing into the wild, enormous, real-life experience of worship that we find in the psalms.

In Psalms We Sing Together, Wendell translates for the modern Church this breadth of emotion, powerful imagery and prayerful posture that the psalms provide. He invites churches to experience the way God is particularly near to his people in worship:

When church music allows us to merely spectate, we tend to check out. We miss out. Music in corporate worship has the ability to bring us together, remind us that we are in the presence of God, and crack us open to know and be known by Him. Music invites us to enter into God’s truth and beauty. As we do, God is never more present than he already was, but we become present to Him and are formed—as individuals and as a family.

With Psalms We Sing Together, Wendell Kimbrough invites congregations of all shapes and sizes to encounter this fresh, rich experience of worship.